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Title: Asset Management - Texas Style

Funding Agency: Texas Department of Transportation

Research Supervisor: Two Universities are joining for this research effort; Texas A&M, and UTEP. The lead research supervisor from UTEP is Dr. Carlos M. Chang Albitres, Ph.D. PE

Length: 4 years

Asset management principles have been implemented by transportation agencies over the last decade to improve available assistance with funding allocation decisions. Few efforts, however, have been made to develop asset management tools for use in right-of-way acquisition planning. A four-year research project has been conducted for the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to explore potential monetary benefits of early right-of-way acquisition through the implementation of a new generation of asset management tools.

Two asset management tools, TAMSIM and EROW, were developed to assist TxDOT in the right-of-way funding allocation process. The complex factors and interrelated variables involved with TxDOT funding allocation to right-of-way are modeled using simulation and optimization techniques. TAMSIM uses a simulation model to predict duration time and cost of right-of-way acquisition while EROW finds the optimum budget to allocate to right-of-way advanced acquisition. These tools can be used at the state level by policy makers as well as at the district level by right-of-way experts to provide valuable insights about which parcels should be taken into consideration for advance acquisition and to develop the corresponding budget.

It is envisioned that the implementation of these tools should facilitate TxDOT budget allocation by enhancing funding needs communication with the Texas Transportation Commission and the Texas Legislature. Benefits from advantageous early right-of-way acquisitions are believed to be quite substantial in terms of both tax dollar savings and construction project predictability.

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