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Title: Evaluation and Development of Pavement Scores, Performance Models and Needs


Funding Agency: Texas Department of Transportation

Research Supervisor: Three Universities are joining for this research effort; Texas A&M, UTEP and UTSA. The lead research supervisor from UTEP is Dr. Carlos M. Chang Albitres, PhD. PE

Length: 3 years

The overall network for the Texas Department of Transportation of more than 185,000 lane miles is managed by 25 districts. TxDOT's currently uses a pavement management Information System (PMIS) to determine both their performance monitoring and fund allocation needs. A PMIS system is an electronic information system that is used to handle cost, schedule planning, reporting, forecasting and control of most aspects of the project on a network level. With the growing importance of the PMIS pavement results there is an urgent need to review and update the current system. There are critical questions being asked by the state Legislature such as:

a) How much money is needed to maintain the network system at the current condition?

b) How much money is needed to get the network to a specific condition goal?

c) What are the consequences of the current budget levels?

d) What are the consequences of decreased or increased funding levels?

The objective of this project is to investigate and answer the department needs and develop a better tool that can predict pavement performance and overall network conditions. This will allow TXDOT to revise their needs estimates for preventive maintenance, rehabilitation and routine maintenance of the road network and better rank the priority of repairs.

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