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Title: Technical and Training Support for Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Pavement Management

Funding Agency: Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) in California

Research Supervisor: Two Universities are joining for this research effort; Texas A&M, and UTEP. The lead research supervisor from UTEP is Dr. Carlos M. Chang Albitres, Ph.D. PE

Length: 1 year

Pavement management systems require on-going technical and training support. The pavement management system (MTC-PMS) sponsored by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) of the San Francisco Bay Area has been successfully used by local agencies for more than twenty years. The implementation program began with six local jurisdictions in the 1980s. Currently, MTC has more than one hundred users of the MTC-PMS within the Bay Area. The success of its implementation resides in the support provided by MTC which includes training, on-site assistance to address special cases, assistance in the budgeting process, and continuous feedback.

StreetSaver is the current MTC-PMS software. Protocols for testing the system as well as pavement performance models are reviewed to enhance system's capabilities. The review includes: calculation of Pavement Condition Index (PCI), PCI deterioration models, treatment needs analysis, PCI-Driven scenario analysis and others.

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