Spring, 2019

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ENGL 0312 Coursemap: Spring Semester, 2019.

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Assignment may be done individually, or together with one or two other ENGL 0312 students in my classes. If you choose to work together in a work group, all group members' names must be on your journal entry. If you chose this option, please submit only ONE collective weekly journal entry per group.

Keeping a journal helps clarify ideas and improve the fluency of writing.  Though different teachers will have their own grading standards, in most cases, they do not revise spelling or grammar errors when evaluating journals.  Instead, a student’s journal entry will be evaluated on understanding, dedication and engagement.  

Each week, write a journal entry on your reading in the book chapter or  assigned article of the week.  You will NOT be reminded to do your journals; instead, keep in mind that you need to complete your journal assignment each week. For assigned readings from the Reading Project complete journals every week before the beginning of the first class session of the next week.

Note title and exact page numbers or article read.

A. Write a paragraph in which you describe and summarize what you read.

B. Then write a second paragraph in which you comment (give your own scholarly opinion) on what you read.

Separate the summary of the article and the commentary.

Be sure to save your work on your own computer or USB drive, and only then print out and turn in your journal assignment, on paper.

From CALDWELL / Adapted 12/10. Rev 1/18. O.W.

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