Spring, 2019

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ENGL 0312 Coursemap: Spring Semester, 2019.

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The One-Hour Rule

Researchers have discovered that the first hour after learning new information is the most critical to retaining the information. ...[W]ithin one hour of learning new information, we forget about 50 percent unless we review in some way.

In order from least beneficial to most beneficial, here are five ways to review:

  • Think about the topic.

  • Reread your notes.

  • Rewrite your notes.

  • Recite / Talk about the topic.

  • Teach it to someone else.

from "The One-Hour Rule." Developmental Education Curriculum Guide. Mountain Lakes, NJ: Newsweek Education Program, 2004, p. 34.  Reproduced under fair use for classroom use only.

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