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  • A Guide to Engineering Graduate Fellowships
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Why, When, and How should you apply to a graduate fellowship?


Fellowship Programs

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships program (NSFGRFP).

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships (NDSEG). 

Department of Homeland Security Scholarship and Fellowship program (link to program)

Current Opportunities

Fellowship programs open their application processes around September or October of each year. Track this WIKI for updates.


Coming soon... 

Advise and Guidelines

You will find links from internal and external resources guiding you on the application processes. One of the crucial components of you applicaiton is the preparation of essays. This is the best way you can show reviewers your ability to think creatively and your potential to become a great researchers. For instance the NSF Graduate Fellowship Program requires you to prepare three essays:

  1. Personal Statement,
  2. Previous Research Experience
  3. Plan of Research

  Your probability of success in exponentially increased if you take the time to carefully prepare your essays. It is very important that you enlist the help and support of a faculty member (or a couple of them) that can mentor, critique and make suggestions on the research you would like to propose. 

Resources coming soon. 

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