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The robust autonomic systems group examines techniques useful for constructing scalable, high-performance, autonomic, and secure online systems.

Current projects

  • Fern: Scalable and timely dissemination of authorization information suitable for untrusted P2P
  • WRife: An epidemic protocol for data collection in medical contexts with strong privacy properties.
  • VPAF: A flexible framework for validating and monitoring prolonged authorization relationships
  • Doubt: Trust management in a context where we really don't trust anybody completely.
  • Puente-C: Synthesizing protocol engines from validatable specifications.
  • Toothless: Self-(re)configuring, highly available, and fault-tolerant infrastructure-level cache
  • ReCoN: The reconfigurable networks lab.
  • Video Transmission Precis
  • Android Development: Information, examples and ideas for Android Development (from kernel to applications).
  • Garbage Collector: Information,terminologies and ideas for Garbage Collector.

Our group is also responsible for ReCoN, the Reconfigurable Networking Lab. Its Labyrinth effort uses virtualization to enable network courses to simulate many networked systems within a single workstation.


Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Eric Freudenthal

Virgilio Gonzalez

Luc Longpré


Current Graduate Students

Former Students

Somdev Chatterjee (web) (MS 2011)

Bivas Das (web) (MS 2011)

Avranil Tah (MS 2010)

Brian Carter (BS 2008)

Arthur Walton (BS 2009)

Samson Dev (MS 2008)

Sal Licon (MS 2007)

Vitus Lorenz-Meyer (MS 2007)

Ryan Spring (T.U. Dresden)

Christian Servin (MS 2009)

Pietro Niccoli


Computer Science Building - Room 320
University of Texas at El Paso
El Paso, TX 79968

To learn more about Robust

Send email to Eric Freudenthal

Robust Group (11/23/2009)

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