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  • XI International Symposium on Radiation Physics
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  • See pictures of all the participants here
  • Some participants also attended the López Fest, see pictures here.
  • The final version of the program can be downloaded hereThere were invited talks of 40+5 min, Regular talks of 25+5, and APS style talks of 12 +3 min.  
  • On the right column see a map indicating the location of the hotel and the UACJ - IIT, and a map of the campus indicating the location of building H1 where the symposium will take place.  Parking is free.
  • The weather will be oscillating daily between, approximately, oC (at 4 am) and 20 oC (around 3 pm), which corresponds to 32 and 68 oF. Wednesday will be a bit windy and with little rain, the rest of the week will be calm and sunny.
  • For last minute contact, please phone our cel numbers:
    • Jorge López: USA 1-915-313-1302, MEX 52-656-238-5162
    • José Luis Enriquez: MEX 52-656-360-3873

General information:

  • The Symposium was held at the Institute of Engineering and Technology of the Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez (IIT-UACJ) located at Avenida del Charro 450 N, Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, México. The auditorium is on the H1 Building, see map on right column.

  • The Symposium hotel was: Hotel Suites El Paseo, Av. Paseo Triunfo de la República 4850, Col. Monumental, Cd. Juárez, Chih. 32310,, +52 (656) 611 5000; 01 800 711 8439.  
  • The symposium ran from Wednesday morning (8:00 AM) to Friday afternoon (6:00).  Luncheons were served at the IIT and a welcome reception took place on Wednesday at 6:00 PM at the famous Juárez “X”.  Dinners were on your own, but some of us went party on Friday at the López Fest.

  • Aeromexico is offered 20% discount to symposium participants for flights into Ciudad Juárez.  This offer is in conjunction with the VI National Conference of Materials Science and Engineering which will take place from 28/Feb. to 8/Mar. at IIT-UACJ.  In booking your flight make sure to mention “CLAVE DE CONVENCION: IT20RG09015N1” for event “EVENTO: VI CONGRESO NACIONAL DE CIENCIAS E INGENIERIA DE MATERIALES UACJ IIT; FILE: 090; SEDE: CD. JUAREZ, CHIHUAHUA”; it applies from 28/Feb. to 8/Mar and only on phone reservations or at Aeromexico offices (i.e. not on online reservations).

  • Local organizers will try to provide transportation from the El Paso and Juárez airports to the hotel for as many people as possible.  If you think you will need transportation please send us your arrival and departure information as soon as possible to try to accommodate you. 

Contact information 


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