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  • PHI 5600: X-Ray Source

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  • Filament selection. When the FILAMENT ENERGIZE push button on the 32-096 X-ray Source Control is pushed, the source functions in the focused mode. Likewise, when the second button is selected, the source functions in the diffuse mode. CAUTION: NEVER SELECT BOTH FILAMENTS SIMULTA­NEOUSLY!
  • Source Aligner Operation.  The source aligner provides three orthogonal axes of alignment. The procedure for aligning the 10-610 X-ray Source to the monochromator crystal set is found in the Model 10-420 Monochromator manual.

  • Bakeout Bakeout may be required whenever the 10-610 or the sys­tem to which it is attached has been exposed to air.   See instructions here.


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