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Description of cooling system,

  • Heat Exchange system circulates water through both sources and it has a radiator to cool down the water. 
  • It has a water reservoir, a water filter, a de-ionizer cartridge and a flow switch.
  • The flow (hose loop) is from the Heat Exchange to the primary, to the secondary (monochromator) and back to the Heat Exchange. The direction of flow is shown in the pictures.
  • When turned on one should look for the direction of the flow to make sure it is correct, otherwise it does not cool appropriately.
  • The de-ionizer operates continuously. 
  • There is electronic control of the pump from the X-ray Source Controller, (see pictures for position of cable for pump control, the cable is labelled A179J5 and A179). 
  • The Heat Exchange has a flow switch controlled by the X-ray Source Control to prevent the X-ray source from turning on if there is now flow of water (without cooling the anode would burn very quickly)
  • Uses distilled water (3 gallons). When adding keep an aye on the water level indicator (see picture), it takes a little bit of time to fill up as water goes into the filter and ionizer.
  • The filter and ionizer cartridge shoould be changed whenever the monochromator anode is replaced (if the monochromator is used a lot it must be replaced after one year, otherwise it can last several years < 7 yr.).
  • It gets connected to 208V power strip.
  • A description of the cooling of the x-rays source is shown in a video.




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