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  • PHI 5600: System Power and Emergency Off

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PHI 5600: System Power and Emergency Off

The PHI 5600 is typically on 24 hours a day and not powered on and off daily. The system contains a circuit breaker panel, a power control panel, and the emergency power off switch. The individual circuit breakers and power control panel allow individual segments of the instrument console to be turned on and off for servicing purposes. In the event of a hazardous occurrence or emergency, the entire system can be shut off by depressing the Emergency Off button.




Power Interruption

In the event of a power interruption, the system will remain in an off state and wait for you to restore power. The following steps should be performed to restore power:

  1. Press the Main Power On/Reset button on the power control panel.
  2. The DIGITEL MPC should automatically restart. If the system pressure is too high for the ion pumps to restart, the control will switch to the “cool down” mode. If this occurs, there has probably been a loss of vacuum during the power interruption. It will be necessary to pump the main chamber with the turbo-molecular pump to restore vacuum.
  3. Press the on switch on the Digital Gauge Control.
  4. Press the water pump start switch on the front panel of the 50-096 X-ray source control to start the water pump for the X-ray source.

  5. Log onto the computer and start the PHI PC-ACCESS and MultiPak software packages


Daily Shutdown of Optics

Several electron/x-ray optics devices in the 5800 systems use hot filaments: the dual anode x-ray source, the monochromator x-ray source, the ion gun, and the electron neutralizer. The x-ray sources are typically run in an automated mode and are shut off at the end of an analysis sequence. The ion gun and electron neutralizer typically idle in a standby mode, where the filament is on, but accelerating voltages are off. At the end of the day (if your analysis is complete), these devices should be turned off by selecting the off buttons in the ion gun and neutralizer software menus.