Spring, 2019

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Week 10: Apr. 1-5, 2019



Finish reading Chapter 8 in Escholz and Rosa; carefully look over Chapters 9 and 16.


Week 10:

Reading Journal 9 on Hiroshima, up to the beginning of Chapter III, "Details are being investigated."

Comparison Essay continued. Wed./Thu.: Notes due on research, on the two magazine issues.

Tentative resource if not seen already: Video selection from movie, The Day After (1983). (Trigger warning: Extreme cinematic violence. May be seriously upsetting to some viewers.)

Wed./Thurs..: Revising and proofreading (slide show). Generic rubric sheet distributed.  Quality control expectations for Comparison Essay and other college assignment.

Response practice resources:

Tentative Resource: "Aftermath" (poem), by Siegfried Sassoon. Note: The above poem is from World War I, but Molendyk and Edwards include it in their 1947 anthology (pps. 78-79) in reference to World War II.

Wednesday, ISARC practice

  • Resource: Human/Pig chimeras. Tentative: Personal ISARC response: Should scientists continue to create human/animal chimeras?



  • The Four Rules of Self-Editing