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Option 3: Argue in favor of or against the idea that “hard” drug pushers are in fact acting as soldiers of hostile powers (the cartels) that are right now attacking our nation, and as such they should be executed if found in possession of both weapons and hard drugs with intent to distribute.In your essay clearly label the five parts of your ISARC argument I, S, A, R and C. Pay special attention to the Antithesis, Refutation and Conclusion (What do we do about it?) in your argument. If you choose this option you must write your argument in the third person (they), carefully addressing your argument to people your own age. Do not use "I," "me," “we” or “you” (first or second person) in your argument. 

O.W. 4/19

Special instructions (all options): This assignment may be done individually, or, if you prefer, in a group with one or two other classmates in my course. Assignment must be five good, rich paragraphs long. Since this class does not teach citation methods, correct APA or MLA citations will not be required. However, if you quote or use any text obtained online or from other outside sources you must put the text in quotes (" ") and then include a parenthetical reference to the source where that text was found. No additional bibliography or list of sources at the end of your assignment is needed.  DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!