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Homepage Assignment: Developing a Professional Profile

The internet is a rapidly expanding venue for communication and interaction.  As a result, it is important not only to know how to navigate the web, but also how to create content for it.  Through your UTEP mspace account, you have the ability to build an e-portfolio. In 1311, you will create the homepage (or main page) for it. You'll create a full e-portfolio of your work in 1312, and other instructors may have you create additional e-portfolios while you are at UTEP.

Because this homepage will be the first page your audience views and uses to access your entire e-portfolio, it should be well-designed and present a professional image of you. Your main homepage is not necessarily one page on your website. For example, you might need to create both a Welcome page and an About Me page to include all the items listed below.


Purpose:  This assignment is meant to familiarize you with creating content for the web.  Additionally, it is meant to provide you with practice presenting yourself in a professional manner.


Content/Subject: To begin crafting your homepage, you will probably need to storyboard the content of each section. (This process will be explained, and samples will be provided.) Make sure to consider purpose and audience.  As you begin, you should refer to Chapter 18, "Communicating with Design and Visuals," in the McGraw-Hill Guide.  In class, we will discuss what makes a homepage effective or ineffective. Links will be provided to various online sites to facilitate discussion. Student samples will be discussed in class, and functionality should be tested.

Audience: Your primary audience will be your academic peers, but you will also want to remember that when you create content for the web, that content is public and may be seen by anyone.

 Constraints:  Your homepage will primarily be limited by the genre of the homepage.  You will need to consider issues of web design and the conventions followed by web designers.  You will also need to consider that this is an academic assignment and the content that you include should be appropriate to that purpose and will need to be effectively presented.

Specific guidelines for this assignment are:


-          Include a 50 word introduction to your e-portfolio

-          Use subject-appropriate visuals to interest your audience

-          Create an area to eventually link to your other courses

-          Include 200 word biographical description of yourself

-          Provide a copyright and fair use statement

-          Correct and appropriate grammar and language usage

-          Ensure that all links and media function