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Community Problem Report

This course is focused on community engagement and awareness.  As you become more aware of discourse practices and conventions, you will also become aware of how discourse affects various communities.  One of the most critical uses of discourse and language is to inform others of important information that they may not have.  In this assignment, you will do this by creating a report which draws attention to a community problem.

 Purpose:  The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with writing in the fairly formal genre of the report.  You will practice presenting information in an organized, coherent manner and draw logical conclusions based on reasons and evidence.


Content/Subject: You will be required to write a substantive report which discusses a significant community problem.  You will use the research sources and information that you have gathered in your Annotated Bibliography as the foundation for the information in your report.  You will want to present this information in an academic and organized manner.  Overall, you should use your report to explain the problem as well as its importance to and impact upon the community.


Specifically, you will want to complete the following tasks as you structure your report:

-          Provide background information and relevant facts

-          Explain the problem in relation to these facts

-          Conclude by arguing for increased awareness of the problem by emphasizing why your audience should care or pay attention

Audience: Your audience will consist of your academic peers who will most likely only have a casual familiarity with your community issue and agency.


Constraints:  A report is a formal, informative document and your report should adhere to these characteristics.  You will be required to produce a professional report which provides information about a community problem.


Specific guidelines include:

-          4-6 pages in length

-          Strict adherence to APA format

-          Correct grammar and language usage

-          The appropriate and effective use of at least one visual

-          Effective organization and a clear, logical argument