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  • ENGL 1311 Visual Argument Presentation assignment (Photo Story)

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Visual Argument Presentation assignment (Photo Story)

Presentations can be seen as a form of teaching, and one way to show you truly have knowledge of a subject/topic is to be able to articulate it verbally to others. Besides the written and visual discourse communities we have learned about and created, oral communication is just as powerful and requires just as much skill to be completed effectively.
Purpose:  The purpose of this presentation is to present your Photo Story and Final Project Assessment Memo to the class.  You will gain practice in giving oral presentations and you will have an additional chance to revisit the work you have done.  Additionally, the questions and comments from your classmates may give you additional insights into your work or your chosen community issue.
Content/Subject:  You will present your Photo Story and the major points of your Final Project Assessment Memo to the class.   You should provide a brief introduction and conclusion as well as explain your final project to the class. 
 General tips for giving a presentation include:
-          Be prepared!  The more you know what you want to say, and how you want to say it, the less awkward your presentation will be.
-          Practice!  Don't try to "wing it."  Much like the writing we have done in the course, presentations require some "rough" starts before you end up with a good final product. Practice beforehand.
-          Embrace any nervousness!  Mark Twain once said that there were two kinds of speakers:  "Those who are nervous and those who lie about not being nervous." One great step towards a confident presentation is to volunteer when you will present, rather than wait until you are chosen (or it is assigned to you).
 Audience: This presentation should be addressed to an audience of your academic peers who will most likely only have a casual familiarity with your community issue.
 Constraints:  Your oral presentation may make use of electronic presentation software such as PowerPoint and should:
-          Be 5-7 minutes long
-          Introduce yourself and your community issue
-          Display the Photo Story that you created
-          Ensure that the problem and its solution are clearly identified
-          Provide closing statements justifying the implementation of your solution