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Visual Argument assignment (Poster)

Effective discourse takes many forms and uses a variety of media.  The final project allows you to explore the community issue that you have spent a large part of the semester focusing on in a multimedia form.  You will employ multimedia to advocate your position in a poster.  In addition, you will write a memo detailing your rhetorical choices in the creation of your poster.
Purpose:  The purpose of creating a poster as your final project is to familiarize you with the process of creating a multimedia document.  Specifically, you will learn how to utilize technology and non-standard media to convey a clear and straightforward message.  The Project Assessment Memo, which will accompany your Poster, has two purposes.  First, it reinforces your familiarity with writing a memo.  Second, and more importantly, it encourages you to reflect on the rhetorical choices that you made in the creation of your poster.
 Content/Subject: This project requires you to create a poster.  A poster is a document which employs both visual and textual information and is used for either informative and/or persuasive purposes.  In this case, you will design a poster which introduces the problem you discussed in your opinion piece.  It should also describe and either explain or advocate for your solution to that problem.  If your solution is complicated or consists of multiple steps, your poster should focus on explaining that solution.  However, if your solution is easily understood, your poster should focus on convincing your audience to put your solution into action.
After you create your poster, you will write a Project Assessment Memo that reflects critically on your rhetorical practices and evaluates the poster you have constructed and why you chose to construct it--through content, format, and design-in a particular way.   When you write this memo, also address issues such as purpose, audience, strategies as well as the final document itself--the poster.   
Specific questions to answer include:
-          What problems did you encounter in organizing and writing your poster?
-          What role did audience play?
-          How did you select the issue/topic you chose?
-          What was the most challenging part of the project for you? Why?
-          Did you take a systematic approach?
-          What is the most effective aspect of your poster in terms of presentation or design? Why?
-          How did you make your design decisions?
Audience: Your audience will be a general audience and most likely will have little familiarity with your topic.
Constraints:  Your project needs to follow the conventions of the poster and the memo.  You will want to follow the specific guidelines below.
Make sure that the Poster:
-          Is effectively designed
-          Utilizes visuals
-          Makes a clear and concise argument
-          Has an argument that is logical and sound
-          Is quickly and easily understood
-          Uses correct grammar and accessible language
Your Project Assessment Memo should use:
-          Proper memo format for headings
-          Single-spaced block format
-          Traditional/professional font (Times New Roman, Cambria, Georgia, etc.)
-          500-750 words in length