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This page is operated by the Surface Physics Group of UTEP. For questions contact Dr. Jorge A. Lopez (, Dr. Carlos Diaz Moreno ( or Enrique Ramirez-Homs (

PHI 5600 XPS X-ray photoelectron Spectrometer
Includes monochromator and OMNI III lens and MCD detector and scanning AES option. 

 (to be reviewed)

PHYSICAL ELECTRONICS / PHI 5600 XPS X-ray photoelectron spectrometer 
OmniFocus III small area lens 
Multi channel detector 
10-360 spherical capacitor analyzer 

XPS sensitivity: 
Magnesium anode specified performance obtained with single Mg anode operating at 400 W (26.7 mA and 15 kV) on a sample of clean silver. 

Analysis area: 
Selected by an externally fixed 1-position aperture and by a computer-controlled analyzer (150 um analysis area) 

Count rates less than standard system due to non-standard geometry 

Environmental requirements: 
Magnetic fields: less than 0.3 uT (3 mG) peak-to-peak, alternating field, less than 1G static field 
Relative humidity: less than 70% 
Temperature: 20°C ± 5°C 
Heat dissipation: 3,000 W under typical operating conditions, 10,000 W additional during system breakout 
Vibration: not to exceed 10 um at 0.1-60 Hz 

Utility requirements: 200-240 VAC, 1 phase, 50-60 Hz, 50 A (to be hardwired to separate 60 A branch circuit by customer) 
Dry nitrogen: 0.279 kg/cm^2 (4 psi) max 
Compressed air: 5.6 to 7.0 kg/cm^2 at 0.17 m^3/hr (80 to 100 psig at 0.1 CFM), pressure-regulated for vibration-isolated console and automatic valve control options only

To be replaced

PHI X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy system

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