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  • Dec. 15: My former students were featured in the College of Science Fall 2017 e-Newsletter, Karla Rosita Téllez-Girón Flores in page 4, and Alan Salcedo in page 17.
  • Dec. 12: Received the 2017 Best Thesis Research Mentoring Award. at the UTEP College of Science winter Pre-Commencement Ceremony, for work with Karla Rosita Tellez-Giron Flores.  See diploma here.
  • Dec. 4: Interview, in internet radio show "La Vida es una Tómbola" of José Pérez Rucobo in La Nueva Republica Radio, conversing about the Mexican Interior Security Law, Conspiracy theories (water engines, cancer cures, designed obsolescence, etc.). Listen to the 1:00 hour show here.

  • Nov. 18-25: Visiting Claudio Dorso at the University of Buenos Aires.

  • Nov. 9-11: Guest Carlos Bertulani, Texas A&M Commerce. See about Carlos's research here. On Nov. 9 Carlos delivered a lecture in my Astronomy class "Nucleosynthesis", and on Nov. 10 he presented the Physics Seminar "Non-extensive statistics solution of the cosmological lithium problem". He was also interviewed by Science Studio.

  • Sep. 20: Physics Colloquium, "Italian delicacies served up in a neutron star crust", at Notre Dame University. See announcement here, see pictures from Notre Dame University here.

  • Sep. 12: Interview, in internet radio show "La Vida es una Tómbola" of José Pérez Rucobo in La Nueva Republica Radio, conversing about Mexican politics, DACA, North Korea. Listen to the 1:38 hour show here.

  • Sep. 6-9: Guest Jason Holmes, Arizona State University. See about Jason's research here. On Sep. 8 Jason gave the Physics Seminar "Next Generation detectors for proton therapy quality assurance". 

  • Aug. 7: Article "XPS Study of the Oxidation State of Uranium Dioxide", J.A. López et al.J. Nuc. Phys., Mat. Sci., Radiation and Applications, Vol-5, 237–242, 2017.  See article here.

  • Aug. 4: Thesis Defense, of my M.S. student Germán Rodríguez; "Using underground radon to detect inactive geological faults".

  • Aug. 3: Thesis Defense, of my M.S. student Enrique Ramírez-Homs; "Electron gas and neutron star crusts".
  • Aug. 2: Thesis Defense, of my M.S. student Karla Rosita Téllez-Girón Flores; "Neutrino oscillations and the RENO experiment".
  • July 26: Thesis Defense, of my M.S. student Nazia Sharmin; "Time degradation of perovskites".
  • Jul. 25: Article "Electrocatalytic hydrogen gas generation by cobalt molybdenum disulfide sythesized using alkyl-containing thiomolybdate precursors" Y. Wu et al., International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 1-8, (2017);  See article here.

  • Jul. 1: Article "Relaxor ferroelectricity, ferromagnetic and optical second harmonic properties in lanthanum lithium niobate (La0.05Li0.85NbO3) nanoparticles", C. Diaz Moreno et al., J. Magnetism and Magnetic Mats., 433, (2017) 262–270. See article here.

  • June. 5 - Aug. 4: Summer guest Víctor Manuel Lizárraga Rubio, from Universidad de Sinaloa, working on project "Neutron diffusion".

  • June. 12 - Aug. 18: Summer guests Andrea Valdez-Rivas, from Franklin High School, working on project "XPS study of materials".

  • June. 5 - Aug. 4: Summer guest Jeremiah Lopez, from UTEP, working on project "XPS study of Maya Blue", see poster here.

  • May 9: Best MS student and Summa Cum laude, Karla Rosita Téllez-Girón Flores, see pictures here and here.

  • May 8: Thesis Defense, of my UACJ B.S. student Adrián Gaytán Terrazas; see thesis here, and see picture here.

  • May 5: Thesis Defense, of my B.S. student Israel Chavarria; see thesis here, and see picture here.

  • Apr. 28: Profile, for UTEP College of Science e-Newsletter Spring 2017 issue, Pp. 14-15. See profile here.
  • Apr. 17: Interview, in internet radio show "La Vida es una Tómbola" of José Pérez Rucobo in La Nueva Republica Radio, conversing about Syria, the 3rd World War, the MOAB, Chemical weapons, etc. Listen to the 1-hour show here.
  • Mar. 12-15: Visiting AJA International in Scituate MA for training on my new Orion 5 sputtering system.  Yes, I was trapped by the snow blizzard that hit Boston on the 14th, see pictures and training videos here.
  • Feb. 14: Interview, in article "#Sinvotonohaydinero" of Antonia Tapia in magazine Reporte Nivel Uno, about how to finance the Mexican political parties.
  • Jan 28-31: Attending the April Meeting of the American Physical Society, in Washington, DC as a Member of the Forum on Education.
  • Jan 25-27: Attending the Convocation of the American Physical Society, in Washington, DC as Leadership Convocation Participant representing the Texas Section of APS.
  • Jan. 20: Talkat the Seminario de Nanotecnología of the Universidad Tecnológica de Cd. Juárez, See news report here. or its PDF here.

Beautiful example of data compression by Fast Fourier Transform.


















  • Dec. 12: Entrevista en el programa nacional de radio "Linea Abierta Edicion Texas" - FÍSICO LATINO, una entrevista con el Dr. Jorge López, director del Departamento de Física de la Universidad de Texas en El Paso. El Dr. López fue recientemente nombrado "Fellow" de la American Physical Society como reconocimiento a su trabajo en física teórica y a su promoción científica en América Latina, incluso su labor de facilitar la visita de estudiantes latinoamericanos a centros de estudio de Estados Unidos. oíga la entrevista aquí.

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PAESMEM Award. Director Office of Science and Technology Policy of The White House and Frances Cordova Director of The National Science Foundation.2018-7-27-Pamela-Lara

Lake Como, Varenna, Italy. May 2018.

XIV International Symposium on Radiation Physics, BUAP, Puebla, México

Artemio Gallegos, John Ackerman, Jorge Lopez, Víctor Romero y Jorge Zavala. UNAM, 19-mayo-2018

Servando Pineda and Angel Otero at Radio Net for an Hilo Directo Interview.

Omar Hernández and Selim Romero


2017 Research Mentoring Award - Best Thesis




Rho Sigma Tau Schumaker Professorship



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