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  • Where can I find my UTEP ID number?
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Where can I find my UTEP ID number?

To find out what your UTEP ID number is, you need to login to your "MyUTEP" account and check under the "MyHome" link.

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  1. On the My.Home tab there is a box called My Student Information that has your personal information including your ID# (your 800#  - or 880# if you started at EPCC), your permanent address and phone, your email address, and more. You should should check it every so often to make sure the information is up to date.  If you are staff or faculty it is called My Personal Information.

    The My.Home tab contains all your own personal information such as your class schedule, your grades, your account balance at the Business Office, your Miner Gold Card balance, and a bunch of buttons to help you get to what you need quickly. Get familiar with the whole page and the rest of MyUTEP because lots of what you need at UTEP will be right at your fingertips.